PIEP is dedicated to providing quality products and good service for customers, to creating a good business environment and achieving win-win cooperation and common progress. PIEP can provide technical support and full service with quality tracking for all aspects , on any issue raised by customers about the product, we will make a positive response within 24 hours. As customers of PIEP, you will get not only first-class products and services, but also share various technical resources of equipment platform. 
Technical Support
PIEP has a strong research and development team, patented technologies and rich experience in the field of heat-absorbing film. The emerging issues of product can be timely be answered and effectively treated.
Testing Platform
PIEP will provide clients with test platform such as optical test systems, salt spray test system, high-temperature and aging testing system etc. Customers can analyze or test the samples of my company or other companies , you will receive the real product's performance and scientific test results.
Product Development
PIEP has the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences as technical support, PIEP will continue to develop new solar products involving broad prospects in the future. Customers will receive relevant information timely and collaborate with us for ultifaceted cooperation, seizing opportunities to promote the use of solar energy products sector.